True love has nothing to do with the benefits of age and sister love.

When a man likes a woman who is bigger than himself, he will inevitably hesitate. I am afraid that some people will gossip and reject the brother-in-law. But in fact, in front of true love, everything about age is not a problem, and don’t be afraid that others will have gossip. Love is your own business. Sister and brother can also be very happy. Sister and brother love will bring these benefits: 1. Sister and brother love to make money for men – as the saying goes, “Female junior, holding the golden brick.” Managing family finances is not a one-off effort. It takes a few years and a lot of money to train young MMs, and my older wife has already given you the first installment of a new house. For women – men will not worry about spending money, but will be satisfied with the shopkeeper. Which woman does not want to say it at home? Mastering the financial power – the sister-in-law is very easy to give this woman a “big gift.” 2, sisters and brothers are willing to work hard for men – my sister will not be like a little woman and you will be hooked and stamped, in black and white, ask for one or three, you wash the dishes, two or four, she washes … live with her, life is neat, Everything is orderly and comfortable. It doesn’t matter if you do a lot of work for a woman-housework. As long as you are in a good mood, doing housework is also a pleasure, and you can lose weight. 3, sisters and brothers know how to move to men: small women mostly like to make sex. She is right, you are wrong; She is wrong, you are still wrong, still like nothing to play back to run away from home. And a woman who is older than you will use silence properly, knowing the truth of taking a step back and making the sky easier. For a woman – you have tolerated, how can he not understand the truth afterwards? A little bit of grievances, in exchange for his death to your heart, why not. 4, sisters and brothers will take care of people to men – men are to some extent children, will be spoiled will be willful, need women’s favor and care, this is definitely available to my sister. For a woman – he is not comfortable wearing other people’s clothes, he is not delicious when he eats others, he can’t live without him. So what are you worried about? 5, the younger brother and sister are in a down-to-earth manner to the man – the little woman is soaked in K songs, and sings at night. And your sister has long since disliked these things, and she loves to stay at home more comfortable. Wherever a woman bigger than you is, it makes people feel at ease. For women – use his time not to accompany you, and “tight” communication, pull into the emotional life, but also make up for the shortcomings of too few contacts with friends on weekdays. Learning these 4 tricks makes women inseparable. Just the right flattery who doesn’t like good words? But everyone knows the good words, there must be traps that can’t be seen or touched. Improper flattery, it is also easy to shoot flattering on the horse’s leg. It’s not worth the candle, but it’s still sad. Just the flattering, so that women can hear it is comfortable. There is no purpose in the slightest, and there is no bit of sarcasm and ridicule, from the heart, just above the actual situation, at a level. Praise is also a technical job. Second, the pleasing woman who does not reveal the traces is a pleasing person, that is the woman’s pleasing to the man. It is not a simple material satisfaction for a man to please a woman. Of course, it is necessary to be willing to spend money for women. Also, spend your time and energy to accompany and have no complaints. It is a man’s expression of love for women. Otherwise, who is still consuming life for irrelevant people? Even if it is for her consumption, it does not reveal any traces. The feeling of the rich man of money. It will make her happy to accept, and will not let her embarrass. Third, the fun and interesting spoiled meat is fun, it is the mood of life. If you don’t play well, it’s a cliché. Playing well, it is a rare art of life. Men are always tough guys, this is the nature of it. But always so, you are tired and tired? Conceal the true heart, the last bitter is the man himself. And women, because they know nothing, can’t communicate. Spoiled, this is not a woman’s patent. The coquetry of a man can enhance his feelings. Love is upgraded, and blessings are equally difficult to enjoy. Fourth, the sexy touch of any feelings, must not flow on the paper to talk about soldiers. Have to have Spiritual satisfaction requires physical contact. But contact, but also pay attention to doing the right things at the right time, in the right place. Plus a condition, the right means. Everyone has a perceptual and rational side. When you are intimate, it is often the sensibility that prevails. If you can make the sensibility turn into sex, everything happens when it is thick. Otherwise, where does the woman love? Xiaobian concludes: In fact, Xiaobian never thinks that love is about age. In front of love, there is no limit. As long as it is true love, even if it is a few decades old, it is true love. In today’s society. On the other hand, more independent women, women are more mature, men will save a lot of things, on the contrary, it is a good thing to find a girl who is bigger than herself. read more

Never say anything when you are having sex

In the daily sex life of couples, many people often make certain situations or do something to make each other’s sexuality in the process of being carried out, so that each other’s situation is paralyzed. If it is serious, it will be If there is a problem with each other’s feelings, then what can you say when you are in a sexual life? The last thing you should say before you love is “Do you brush your teeth?” The subtext of this sentence is “Dear, how do you have it?” Bad breath!” This will make the other party’s sex less, and will worry about continuing to be criticized. “Is the electricity bill paid?” Talking about economic issues shows that you have not invested in the intimate world of the two, which will make the lover start to consider various bills, and even create a sense of self-blame, the two have no passion. “How is the child performing in kindergarten today?” When the two of them were savvy, no one would be happy to be “stirred” by this headache. Maybe your children are doing well, but this is not the time to talk about education. “I really want to clean the house thoroughly.” Talk to the “sweeping list” is undoubtedly publicly showing that he is arrogant, but also that he did not consider the feelings of the other party. “Wait a minute, I send a text message!” The most disappointing thing in the world of the two is to contact a third person. Maybe your text message or phone call is important but don’t bring it to the bed, otherwise the lover will feel neglected. After detailed introduction of the above contents, I believe that everyone has a certain understanding of these words that cannot be said. In short, both husband and wife should not say something and disappointment when they are in a sexual life. The other party hopes that they are fully engaged. And your distraction may be the root cause of each other’s emotional problems. read more

The 5 moments that women enjoy the most

Sex is not only a moment of passion for men to enjoy, but also a way of ecstasy for women to fly away. But some things in sex life can make men unhappy, passionate and even tired. How can they leave an unforgettable moment for women? Let’s take a look at the small series: The 5 moments that women enjoy the most. In the face of excitement and adventure, for example, cheating, Tibetan eyes, fear of being discovered, etc., often stimulate a strong sense of pleasure: the best time is abroad, while driving while driving, there is a great sense of liberation. The best time happens at MTV. With an American, he began to touch my body in the middle of the movie. I did not refuse, but I also responded. We eagerly need each other and communicate with each other. In the most wild and debauchery process, we reached a climax together. 2. I have a strong desire, I really want it, I feel relaxed and the easiest to enter. For example, the experience of an interviewee: “The best feeling is that he drank alcohol, and after chatting with a friend, took me home at five in the morning. My brother slept in the room. I asked him to go back. Take a break and rest. Then he hugged me and said, “I want! “That time, we didn’t dare to speak loudly in the room, afraid to wake my brother, but we reached a climax at the same time. It feels so good!” The other party’s behavior is correct, considerate, and good sex skills. One respondent said: “The best sexual experience is with my fourth boyfriend. He is a photographer, very romantic, gentle, cool, and often has some unexpected surprises with him. And him It’s a wonderful thing to have sex. He always finds a comfortable place to play music and drink some wine. The most important thing is that he will pay attention to my feelings, not the kind of person who falls asleep after he finishes. Will put a pool of warm water and bathe with me, that feeling will not be forgotten for a lifetime.” The blending of the two people’s feelings has a romantic foreplay, feeling mutual understanding and deeply cherishing each other. This usually happens between sweethearts, but there are some special examples. For example, one interviewee’s experience is: “So far, the best sexual relationship I have had with a foreigner. I have been divorced for two years and he may have seen my needs. In the restaurant where he lives At nine o’clock in the evening, he poured me a beer. We chatted on the sofa first and felt good about each other. He kissed my ear, cheeks, hugged me tightly. Hug. At that moment, I felt really true. It’s beautiful, it’s never been bitten, because he knows how you feel and appreciates your reaction. After the shower, he takes me to sleep. At that time, the only thought in my heart was to let go of all the shame and Burden, enjoy this wholeheartedly A moment. He is very tall, I am very small, but he is very pitiful jade, he taught me to play slowly, slowly touch, step by step to bring me to a good situation, to experience a thrilling realm. “5. The atmosphere of the ceremony and celebration, for example, after a long, special day, meet again. One interviewee said: “The best time is that I have not seen him for a long time. When I met him in a restaurant, the strong desire for firewood seemed to eat him all over the place. He was so strong that when I walked in, I couldn’t help but feel happy, shaking, hugging, I hope to get in touch and rub again. This time is the best, the climax can be two or three times, especially when he is cleverly guided, the climax is too beautiful. The above is a few minutes to make a woman’s orgasm unforgettable. I hope this will help you all. I wish you a more harmonious sex life. read more

How do you improve the quality of your husband and wife?

A famous sexologist once said that sex is like a door, and men and women of different relationships will become different relationships after passing through this door. This “different relationship” is just a “relative” or “尴尬”! It feels good, but it is awkward because of sexual disharmony; those are just ordinary, and because of the perfect combination of sex Together …… how subtle the visibility is! So in sex, which can be the kind of fire that ignites each other’s passion? How can you enjoy your own “bed banquet” happily? 闺中秘语——sex The mystery of modern society, the ability to talk about sex in depth, regardless of men and women, or a minority. After all, sex is sufficiently private that it is not easy to become a capital that is casually talked about in public. However, as a woman, there are several friends who are good and have the same value orientation. They can exchange their experiences and become an opportunity to learn and interact with each other. This Wednesday, just a few girlfriends gathered together, while enjoying delicious red wine, while eating Italian food. Girlfriend Amanda asked: “Sandy, why is your Italian food so good, especially fragrant?” Sandy said: “Of course, I used to smoke rice for a whole day. This is like making love, the foreplay is full. This sentence, the three women’s discussion of “foreplay”: Alice feels that the husband and wife’s husband and wife life is too dull, I am afraid that they will not care about each other in the future, resulting in aesthetic fatigue; Amanda loves boyfriend very much, but I feel that the combination of sex is still a little bit worse. Sandy said: “You can’t expect men to be anything, you can’t expect them to be as high as the actor’s actor. In fact, men need to teach him and tell him what kind of passion you need. Everything is learned. The same is true in terms of sex.” Seven Elements of Making Passion 1. Since the mobile phone has been connected to the mobile phone, communication and care are more convenient and more convenient. As long as you think about him, you can call the phone with you and tell him your desire for warmth. After all, having care for each other will bring reasons for concern and love for each other. At this time, although you can’t meet each other, the eagerness and thoughts of each other will be like a warm current in your heart, so warm and sweet! Let you fall in love, love every minute. They are full of happiness and gentleness; letting every thought that you desire to have is the driving force behind your weaving romance and passion! 2, the message with the pen on the paper to express your love and feelings … … even if only a little bit, he will also collect it forever. Because your warmth and affection are accumulating sublimation in the bit by bit, with this kind and warm communication method, any unhappiness in your heart can be melted, and you can rise in the hearts of both sides, and it is like silk. The sweet feeling brought by the rich chocolate is what makes people want to have it forever. So don’t forget the fire that can ignite passion because of the development of technology! 3. Communication Although every woman knows that she needs a certain caress before sex, men do not fully know that different women like different ways. When you are shy, your eyes are flowing, tell me in a soft language: a gentle touch will make you feel his favor, or a strong hug will make you feel his strong … … Will bring you enchantment! You know, when you tell men your joy and feelings, this will motivate them, after all, no one likes the passion of each other and has no return. Concerns and timidity show the indifference and mechanics, which will make the two sides “sexual” interesting, and frank exchanges will make your sexes like music playing full of rhythm and rhythm, reaching the realm of happiness. So remember: doing things mechanically, or worrying that you are too bad in the bed will give you a bad impression, and will make you play a harmonious climax. To understand! No one likes to make love with robots, you don’t like them, men are the same. 4. In what kind of environment is the wine woman more likely to enter the state? Many women admit in the chat, the drunkenness makes women more sexy. Therefore, some people like to use wine to stimulate their enthusiasm and courage. Alice and Mr. are childhood friends. After they fall in love, Mr. always likes to drink some wine when she is alone with her. Because, Alice and he all know that when Alice drinks, it is easy to “heat up.” The eyes are fascinating, the lips are sexy and soft, the drunkenness makes the waist more graceful and gentle … … no man who loves you is willing to wake up from this intoxicating style! A glass of intoxicating wine makes you There is a tender love between them, which will make your nights more charming, and make the burning candle more full of intoxicating romantic, it can ignite your enthusiasm and passion, let you indulge in the mellow wine, enjoy Fish and water are entertaining! 5, praise the appropriate praise will stimulate the tenderness of the heart. As a woman, Sandy doesn’t like hypocritical compliments, as does her boyfriend. How do they praise each other before sex, as a way to stimulate each other’s warmth? Sandy said: “When you tenderly tell him that you like him so much; like his newly bought cologne taste; like him A new hairstyle, like his big, energetic and warm hand; tell him that his wide chest makes you feel safe and warm … … you know, these encouragements are worth it, and this will inspire his fighting spirit, you guys Will enjoy the more ups and downs of perfect sex.” In the light of the hustle and bustle, in the soft music, in the ear, listening to the whispering love words, gently revealing the words of each other. I feel that the inner enthusiasm of each other is stirring and filled, and all this makes you feel at ease with each other. 6. Kissing Whether it’s like a drizzle or a kiss like a squally shower, it can ignite your passion. Kissing gently on the lips and feeling the sweetness of the other’s lips is so soft, so sweet, so ambiguous. It stimulates the nerve endings and everything becomes excited and exciting. When the hot lips move in many places such as the earlobe and the neck, the cravings that can’t wait for it, the passion that is expected to be caressed, will burst between you in an instant. At this time, the heavens and the earth seem to be spinning, even if it is surrounded by dark nights, but people feel so bright, passionate burning sex will make each other indulge in joy and forget everything around. At this time, only her in his eyes! 7, love words to play their own imagination of sex. You must know that sexual sex is not exactly the same for men and women. Women prefer fantasy. Therefore, inspiring imagination is a prelude to sex. You can safely say your love words, even if you are ashamed to say that you are exporting. Will let him forget to embrace you. Understand that when the two embrace each other, the whispers and relatives of each other can make their tenderness naturally reveal. It can affect the nerve endings of men, and your gaze can stimulate his visual nerves. Ignite his passion. However, in sex, you should avoid some very stupid questions that suddenly arise between you, such as: “Will you pick up your child tomorrow?” “Who will wash clothes next week?” “I bought your mother’s medicine?” These are very beautiful scenery. Now, this is the most amazing moment for both of you, just think about the things of both of you. A beautiful “bed banquet” requires a lot of thought and continuous learning. In a happy atmosphere, I really need to add some excitement. Alice said that this year’s Valentine’s Day is going to put a bathtub, because she fantasizes that two people are in the bathtub, and Amanda, in addition to buying three or four sets of sexy underwear, but also Church boyfriend said passionate “bed talk”, as for Sandy, never need to worry about her, she will tell us her new experience next time … … read more

Type of woman that men like

It’s really strange that you are in love. It’s not that the sooner you invest, the more you gain. If you want to love a woman, you need to know her. If you love a man, you only need to understand him. The man thinks that the woman who is not entangled in him when he is busy is loving him. It can be seen that those brain-destroyed women who are really unwilling to be thankful should be awake. Today, Xiaobian teaches you a few tricks, letting men catch up with the little secrets. 1. In the face of social pressure, the male expects the other half to be reasonable, and can also give understanding when he does not care about her when working overtime. The little temper of a girl when she is in love can be said to be cute, but if she has been playing for a little temper for a long time, the man will feel very helpless. 2, pay attention to sex women pay attention to sex in the small details of the sexual intercourse, such as fully clean the body before love, give the other party timely sexual feedback when making love, which makes men fascinated. Male hate and inflatable dolls make love because the other party can not give timely sexual response. When loving love, women should prepare apple confections in advance to prevent condoms from being forgotten. Such a woman who loves herself, can a man not love you? 3. Give each other personal space Each person is an independent individual and needs to have his own personal space to handle some things. Women should not stick to each other for 24 hours, otherwise it will make men feel breathless. There is not much to say about the beauty of the distance. I think everyone knows it, but it is not so easy to do it. If the woman does, the other party will chase you and fear that you will run away. 4. Maintaining economic independence Women can only have personality independence if they are economically independent. This is not a parasite of life, and the sense of security in the relationship will increase. At this time, you exude the charm of women in the workplace. His evaluation of you will also increase. Women don’t like to teach each other at home, but they should use their own skills to win their own career. I hope you are healthy for a long time. read more

What color condoms do men all over the world like?

Adult sex education: What color condoms do men all over the world like? At the beginning of the 20th century, with the development of latex technology, the production technology of condoms has also been improved, but its thickness is 0.06 mm, which makes couples often unable to “Happy.” In 1949, the Japanese took the lead in developing a thickness of only 0. 02 mm “ultra-thin” quality condom. Soon, Russian manufacturers made their own ingenuity, and produced condoms with a lot of tiny latex particles or threaded files. Condoms are available in red, pink, light blue, light purple, goose yellow, black or transparent milk collagen. According to reports, the Japanese prefer black, Haitians have a transparent color, Kenyans like red, and the Chinese are basically using collagen color, and “coloring” is still rare. In recent years, various types of shaped condoms developed by manufacturers have brought new feelings to couples’ lives. For example, a new sleeve produced in the United States has a rubber ring with a diameter that is much smaller than a sleeve, and the purpose is to effectively prevent the penis from contracting due to blood return. There are also shaped condoms with stabs and larger particles in different parts. These things are very soft and generally do not damage the vagina. Some of the covers are covered with a “needle” about 1 inch long. It is suitable for middle-aged and elderly women with excessive vaginal vagina after partial birth, as well as people with cold sex. Recently, a condom with a prolonged penis has appeared on the market, the head of which is made of soft rubber, and the sleeve is about 15 cm long. This condom can satisfy some sexual needs of men and women. Today, condoms add a lot of new features to contraception and prevent sexually transmitted diseases. Some women produce antibodies to sperm, which leads to “precision” and “egg” rejection of infertility. If the man uses a condom for a period of time, let the antibody in the woman’s body gradually disappear, and then take off the “coat”, it may be conceived. Therefore, among these people, condoms have become “pregnancy sets.” According to reports, the incidence of cervical cancer in women with condoms has been significantly reduced, and its anti-cancer effect has been affirmed in the medical community. At this time, the condom became an “anti-cancer set.” In order to make the condom perform its “multi-functional” duty, the drug-containing variety came into being. In 1975, the British first introduced a condom with a spermicide as a lubricating fluid. Then, some manufacturers in the United States have successively introduced silver or iodine containing sulfadiazine and condoms containing other antibiotics to suppress HIV, Treponema pallidum, Neisseria gonorrhoeae and herpes virus. Some manufacturers have developed condoms containing local anesthetics in order to help men treat premature ejaculation. The above is a detailed introduction to adult sex education, I hope to help you, if you have more questions, then you can click on the Feihua Gender Health Channel: read more

Three problems that our wife wants to look directly at

Women in our country are too embarrassed and too restrictive to sexual life. Even if they become married after marrying, they still cannot open. This will make men feel boring, boring, and even lead to derailment! You must know that if you want to firmly grasp a man, you must not only start with your feelings, but also fix your body. The following three questions require our wives to take a good look. 1. Sexual life expectancy errors Most wives will misunderstand the expectations of sex life, and then feel disappointed and disrecognized when they are implemented in reality. For example, when the other person is physically and mentally tired or does not have enough visual and psychological stimulation, he feels that the husband does not want to have sex, that is, he does not consider himself, that the love is weakened, or even has an external heart; or that there is a lack of communication, and when problems and difficulties are encountered, Well solved, think that sex life is pain is torment. In fact, these two misunderstandings are caused by the lack of sexual life communication. Wives should boldly say their own problems and doubts, discuss and improve with their husbands, let the mistakes no longer exist, and make the quality of sexual life higher and better. This will ensure that the pleasure of body and mind will only increase. Xiao Bian recommended: shocking the inventory of men’s 5 penis types virgins first notice of the second pass 2, think that there are two factors in the emergence of this idea: 1, the wife does not understand sexual life, can not be integrated into; The husband is rude, incomprehensible, and does not know how to pay. In this way, the wife thinks that she is a tool, she is selflessly dedicated, and does not realize the happiness of body and mind. Therefore, the husband should first face the sex life, regard it as the expression of love, love the wife with gentle and gentle behavior, take care of her feelings; the wife should take the initiative to understand the sex life, explore its mystery, actively integrate into it, enjoy its happiness and happy. 3. Sexual life is lustful Under the influence of feudal imprisonment, many people mistakenly magnified the lustfulness into the sexual life of couples. It seems that in specific behaviors, expressions and sexual reactions, the wife should not be mad or crazy, otherwise kinky. This is not the case. Couple sex is a normal, protected and harmonious thing. Couples have the right to enjoy it, but should make it happy and happy. Wives who hold this concept should change their wrong thinking, treat sexual life correctly, and enjoy the joy of spirit and flesh with their husbands in moderate, reasonable, healthy and safe conditions. In this way, we can ensure that each other’s feelings are stronger, the body and mind can get the ultimate wonderful experience, and the marriage will be more stable and stable. Guess what you like: Which woman’s sexual desire is the strongest man’s most evil thoughts, sexual intercourse, sex novels, one-night sex, love, demo, more content, please pay attention to Feihua Health Network gender channel: http://sex. Copyright: The copyright of this article belongs to Feihua Health Net. Any natural person or legal person may not reprint or copy all or part of it in any form without permission. If you want to reprint, you must indicate it from Feihua Health Net! read more

What factors affect our sexual life?

Sexual desire is a person’s desire for sex. Normal people have a strong sexual desire, but some people have a cold sex. The generation of sexual desire is related to many factors, genetic factors, environmental factors, etc. Human sexual desire, so if we want to improve sexual desire, we should start from ourselves, then what factors affect sexual desire? 3, sensory stimulation by means of visual, taste, hearing, smell, touch and other feelings, can evoke the nerves of men and women Excitement, which evokes sexual desire. 4, past sexual experience and social experience In the past, people with pleasant sexual experience and social experience, it is easier to evoke sexual desire; on the contrary, it is more difficult to evoke sexual desire. 5, the time of recovery after sex life Many people after a sexual life climax, it takes a while to evoke another sexual desire, and the length of this period varies from person to person. 6, environmental factors such as the atmosphere of the environment, temperature, season, diet, whether or not to take drugs. 7. Cultural influence culture has a very important influence on people, mainly because of the public influence caused by this social form. 8. Mental state such as anxiety, fear, anger, frustration, pain, discomfort and confusion. 9. Age factors Generally speaking, males have the highest sexual desire when they are 18-25 years old, while women have the highest sexual desire in 35-40 years old. However, with the increase of age, the reduction of male hormones, slow skin reaction, poor blood circulation of sexual organs and life pressure make people’s libido decline. Only a healthy body can maintain normal sexual desire. If you have a disease (such as endocrine diseases, diseases of the reproductive organs and other consumptive diseases), it is enough to greatly affect sexual desire. In short, maintaining physical and mental health, balance and happiness is the basic condition for arousing sexual desire. read more

How do ovulation test strips look like ovulation?

How do ovulation test strips look like ovulation? When using the ovulation test strip, there will be two lines. If the line is obvious, it means that the ovulation period is coming. If the line is not obvious, you can continue the test in the morning of the next day, remember to detect ovulation. The period must be the most accurate in the morning. Is the ovulation test strip accurate? There are certain errors in ovulation test strips. The accuracy of ovulation test strips is very limited by the production process, resulting in some accurate measurements, and some are not allowed. Moreover, luteinizing hormone is not as high in the urine as in the blood, so there is a certain error in the ovulation test paper detected by urine. In addition, sometimes ovulation test strips measure strong yang, but the follicles are not broken, the eggs can not be discharged, and will not be pregnant. Ovulation test strips measure luteinizing hormone (LH) in human urine. The higher the concentration of luteinizing hormone, the deeper the color displayed, the closer the peak is. When the second bar (detection line) is the darkest color measured by the ovulation test paper, it represents the strong yang and the peak arrives, and then the ovulation begins. When it reaches its peak, the follicles rupture and the eggs are discharged. Therefore, when the yang is detected by the ovulation test strip, the same room within 24 hours, the probability of conception is high. Ovulation test strips test pregnancy ovulation test strips can test early pregnancy, but the accuracy is low, generally not recommended. Chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) has two chains α and β. The structure of α chain is similar to luteinizing hormone (LH) and follicle stimulating hormone (FSH), which is prone to cross-reaction, so it is medically judged whether it is pregnant or not. Both use β as a standard. The ovulation test paper mainly detects LH, but cannot detect β-hCG, and is prone to cross-reaction to affect the detection result. The absence of weak ovulation test paper does not mean that there is no pregnancy, because cross-reaction is not inevitable. A positive ovulation test strip does not mean that you are pregnant, as it may be that LH does not completely retreat, or it may be a cross-reaction with FSH. Therefore, ovulation test strips can test early pregnancy, but the accuracy is not very high. The best time to detect is from 10 am to 8 pm every day, try to use urine at about the same time. The first urine in the morning, after a night of accumulation, the measurement is more accurate at this time, so it is best not to use, do not ingest too much water within 2 hours before the test, so as not to cause the production of luteinizing hormone in the urine Dilution affects the results of the test. read more

Science: How to use follicles to check the ovulation period?

It is cumbersome to use the follicle to check the ovulation period, but it is very important and has important clinical significance. For example, in the diagnosis of some infertility, it is often necessary to monitor follicles in order to see if there is normal ovarian growth, development, and discharge. So how to use follicles to check the ovulation period is very important for female friends in need. Let’s talk about this issue in detail. Under normal circumstances, from the 8th day of the menstrual cycle, B-ultrasound is monitored once every 2 days. When the follicle diameter is 17 mm, it should be monitored once a day. When the follicular development matures to a diameter of 20-23 mm, If necessary, measure twice a day until ovulation. B-ultrasound frequency 3.5MHz each time monitoring, observe the size and shape of bilateral ovaries, record the number and size of follicles, the first few days of menstruation. Menstrual cycle rules, basal body temperature, two-phase infertility women need further examination. B-ultrasound monitoring of ovulation, for menstrual cycle rules, basal body temperature biphasic infertile women, often think that follicular development is normal and neglect to further examine it, in fact, follicular development and ovulation abnormalities are more common in such cases Using B-ultrasound to monitor the development of follicles in women of childbearing age, especially in infertile women, to determine whether it has mature follicles, whether there is ovulation and ovulation time, it is very important to provide a reliable basis for clinical symptomatic treatment. Ovary and follicles with ovulation cycle: characteristics of mature follicles, B-ultrasound monitoring of the largest follicle appeared in menstruation 10-16 days, follicle diameter 20mm, round, thin wall, protruding to the side of the ovary, internal sound good, Ovulation is usually performed within 10 hours. The ovulation time is more common in the 12-18 days of menstruation, and a few can be in 20-30 days. Characteristics after ovulation: the wall of the follicle partially collapses, the edge is shrunken and jagged, and there are many weak spots in the uterus. The liquid dark area of ​​the uterus rectum is 5-15mm, which usually disappears after 1 day of ovulation. The success rate is as high as 90%. Follicles in the non-ovulatory cycle: The luteinized follicles are not broken. The B-ultrasonography shows that after the formation of dominant follicles, the follicles continue to increase. The largest follicle can reach 50-60 mm. The envelope is thin and thick, and the boundary is blurred. The bubble tension is reduced, and the gradual change in the capsule is an uneven spot echo. Under normal circumstances, it disappears until the next menstrual cycle. However, a small number of patients have disappeared after 3 months of persistence. Precautions Inappropriate population: Patients who are allergic to clomiphene aldehyde, urinary gonadotropin, and gonadotropin-releasing hormone agonists. Contraindications before examination: (1) Generally on the 9th-10th day of the menstrual cycle; The normal cycle can be monitored in 10-11 days, and the drug induction cycle requires monitoring follicular development 1-2 days in advance, so choose the correct check date according to your own menstrual cycle. (2) The patient must be properly filled with the bladder. Poor bladder filling or excessive affects the vocal display of the ovary, and it is even more difficult to see the internal structure echo, which will not meet the clinical requirements. (3) The patient should empty the stool before the examination, especially for constipation patients. It is best to give laxatives one day before the examination to prevent the dry fecal mass from affecting the ovarian imaging. Requirements for inspection: (1) The requirements for follicle detection time are relatively strict. It is necessary to pay attention to the hospital on time. It is best to use the book to record the date of the examination to prevent forgetting. (2) If there is any discomfort after the drug-induced periodic follicle ultrasound, the medical staff should be informed in time so that the medical staff can make timely and correct treatment. read more